Intercultural Competencies

Swiss pupils during a project week in the Pestalozzi Children's Village

Projects for schools in the Children's Village

Do you fancy an exciting camp week in the Children's Village in Trogen? Or do you prefer a project in your school with one of our topics as main subject?
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Adolescents from various countries come together in the Children’s Village in Trogen

Children's Village in Trogen

Peaceful co-existence despite different cultural backgrounds. By donating CHF 90 you can make a big difference. 

From silence to participation

boy in guatemala

Developing a culture of Peace in Guatemala
Our projects aim to stimulate the transformation of Pedagogy of Silence.
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Rights of the Child

Child Rights-based Programming

We support the commitment and participation of children and adolescents in all our activities. Our activities are focused on the right to education and the right to cultural diversity.
Rights of the Child


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