Our projects are effective

The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation is devoted to improving the lives of vulnerable children and youths through more than 30 projects in twelve countries. We enable children to go to school regularly – regardless of their religious, social or ethnic background. Every year, approximately 200 000 children and youths, teaching professionals and parents benefit from projects run by the Foundation.

How we ensure the quality of our work

The quality of a project is determined in its earliest stages. This is why the Foundation attaches great importance to the selection of its local partner organisations and the conceptualisation of the project.
Our country representatives remain in regular contact with the respective partner organisation before, during and after the launch of a project. Projects are reviewed on a biannual basis and tailored if necessary.


Measuring success

How we measure the success of our education projects

Can success be measured? The answer: yes. Consider the following example. In Laos, teaching professionals are sent to remote villages to give lessons. These lessons are conducted in the national language of the country, Lao, which children in the villages do not understand. We hire support staff to assist the teachers and translate the contents. Since we started this project, the pupil drop-out rate has decreased. This is an example of a small commitment that has had a great effect.

A drop in the ocean?

How our aid achieves long-term effects abroad

When we are no longer needed, this is when we have reached our goal. This may sound odd, but it is our ultimate target. All of our projects are implemented in close cooperation with the local population: only support from the local community can sustain the lasting success of a project.

Our education projects are carried out over a period of nine years. Our financial contribution is gradually reduced over this time. Our projects are designed to be incorporated into their respective education systems after a period of nine years, so that further support is no longer required.

«My wish is for all children to receive a good school education that truly benefits their lives.»

Beni Thurnheer
Sports Presenter and former Member of the Foundation Board