Foundation Board

Representatives from industry, politics and society

The Foundation Board is the highest body of the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation and decides on its strategic direction.

«We want a world in which children are free to learn and laugh. That’s what we strive for every single day.»

Rosmarie Quadranti
President of the Foundation Board

«It is impossible to imagine Trogen without the Pestalozzi Children’s Village and its important aim of peaceful coexistence. The interactions between the Village’s residents are valuable for all involved.»

Claudia Fichtner
Member of the Foundation Board

«I am convinced that education can make a difference, and that is why I champion the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation.»

Rolf Gollob
Member of the Foundation Board

«It is important to me to give children and young people access to good education and to prepare them to live with others peacefully and respectfully.»

Béatrice Heinzen Humbert
Member of the Foundation Board

«Children and young people are our future. I see a chance for our world if we manage to open their eyes and help them to understand unknown, different or foreign things.»

Susann Mösle-Hüppi
Member of the Foundation Board

«Education is the best investment we can make for a peaceful society. The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation has a long-term investment through their work in pursuing this goal.»

Sven Reinecke
Member of the Foundation Board

«Educating children and young people will shape our future society. The Foundation makes a vital contribution to facilitating quality education for all.»

Corinne Ruckstuhl
Member of the Foundation Board

«Having been born in Trogen, I grew up with the Children's Village and visited it year after year during my youth. The Children's Village is an affair of the heart.»

Ulrich Widmer
Member of the Foundation Board