European Youth Forum Trogen 2023

March 2023

We are learning to live with the virus and are always adapting to the new changes. Our goal is to be able to hold an EYFT here in the Children's Village in March 2023 with the appropriate measures. The forum is and remains in its form a unique opportunity to exchange ideas about current topics with a wide variety of people - it is quite possible that we will then realize that Covid also connects us in a way.


During a week, more than 140 young people from eleven different countries will meet in Trogen and discuss the future of Europe.

The European Youth Forum in the Pestalozzi Children's Village offers young, dedicated people a platform to exchange with peers from other countries on the foundations of a peaceful world. To this end, the youths participate in workshops on the topics of democracy, identity, discrimination, gender roles, integration, and borders. At the end of the week, the representatives of the young generation draw up concrete action plans, which are intended to initiate changes for peaceful coexistence in Europe and around the world.

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