Why can't all children swim?

Going to school, playing hide and seek, never going hungry and receiving medical care when you're sick: this should really be absolutely normal. But for many children in the world, this isn't true. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child identified education, health and free time as universal rights. Children have the right to demand these – and the state and society are obliged to grant them. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is 30 years old this year. Together with you, we want to celebrate past achievements and formulate future demands.

Thirty years of child rights: a reason for celebration. Or maybe not? Because although the Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed several years ago, many children still don't have the opportunity to go to school, freely express their opinion or expect protection against discrimination.

Focus on child rights

Child rights are a focal topic of our work. In all 13 of our project countries, we work to ensure that children know their rights and that these rights are fulfilled by the state and society. In Tanzania, for example, we train guidance counsellors to be there for children wanting to talk about their problems. Corporal punishment is still widespread there, even though this is a clear breach of the right of children to be protected against abuse.

In Moldova, we focus, among other things, on children with special educational needs and grant them the right to development. In South-East Asia, we promote mother-tongue education to guarantee children's right to culture. And in many countries in East Africa and South-East Europe, we give children a voice and safeguard their right to express their opinion freely: they can participate and have a say in school parliaments. We also raise awareness of child rights among teachers and parents. And in Switzerland, many children don't know that they have rights. We want to change this.

Right to education at the heart of our work

The right to education is very important to us. It's a central component of all our projects. Because when all children, regardless of their origin, status and gender, have the opportunity to receive high-quality education, we will be much closer to our goal of creating a fairer and more peaceful world.

Disadvantaged children and youths need future perspectives and hope.

And so we're celebrating child rights this year, while at the same time pointing out that there's still a long way to go until all children have the same rights.


Why can't all children swim?

Many children still don't have the right to play, enjoy free time and relax. We want to change this.

Art. 31: Right of the child to rest and leisure


Why can't all children go to school?

Many children still don't have the right to education. We want to change this.

Art. 28: Right to education


Why can't all children say what they think?

Many children still don't have the right to freely express their opinion. We want to change this.

Art. 12: Right to freedom of expression

Roadshow #teamjustitia: Justitia on the road in Switzerland


To celebrate the birthday of child rights and at the same time point out that there's still much to do, we will be travelling through Switzerland with our figurehead Lady Justice and will visit five Swiss cities. Meet us in St. Gallen, Lucerne, Zurich, Basel and Bern and set a signal for the protection of child rights.

At our roadshow, you will find out more about our global engagement and learn about the projects that we run in 13 countries to ensure that children and youths can grow up in a fairer and more peaceful world.

In addition to gaining fascinating insights, you can have a photo taken with the small Justitia in the photo booth or turn the wheel of fortune. We look forward to meeting many visitors, large and small.

We will be here

You can find us at the following places from 10 am to 5 pm:

24 August: St.Gallen, Marktplatz

28 September: Lucerne, Bahnhofplatz Torbogen

12 October: Zurich, Hirschenplatz

16 November: Basel, Barfüsserplatz

20 November: Bern, Bundesplatz as part of the big Child Rights Party

If you wish to keep an eye on Justitia's travels, you can follow us on Instagram or regularly visit the #teamjustitia hashtag.

Child Rights Day on 20 November

International Child Rights Day is on 20 November, which is the perfect time for a birthday celebration at the Bundesplatz. Together with Pro Juventute, Kinderschutz Schweiz and the UNICEF Committee for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we will celebrate 30 years of child rights and the successes that have been achieved during this time.

We will also demonstrate why the work to secure these rights is not finished yet, neither in Switzerland nor in the rest of the world. The federal capital is also the final destination of our roadshow through Switzerland and our Justitia will be there with us.



Starting at 8.30 am, children and youths from all over Switzerland will participate in an obstacle course focusing on child rights. Maybe you'll find one of the obstacles too?


Let's celebreate! We'd love for you to be a part of our diverse program at the Bundesplatz in Bern.

12.10 Concert La Nefera part 1

12.30 Welcome by the Project Team «30 Years of Child Rights»

12.40 Concert La Nefera part 2

13.00 Address by Franziska Teuscher, municipal councillor of the city of Bern

13.10 Open Mic: Children take the floor and place their wishes for the future of our world

13.40 Federal Councillor Alain Berset receives the children's demands, wishes, worries and concerns and is interviewed by children about child rights.

14.10 Concert Nemo

14.45 Singing of the Child Rights Song together

15.00 End of the event


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