European Youth Forum Trogen 2019

2 - 9 March 2019

During a week, more than 140 young people from nine different countries met in Trogen and discussed the future of Europe.


The European Youth Forum in the Pestalozzi Children's Village offers young, dedicated people a platform to exchange with peers from other countries on the foundations of a peaceful world. To this end, the youths participate in workshops on the topics of democracy, identity, discrimination, gender roles, integration, and borders. At the end of the week, the representatives of the young generation draw up concrete action plans, which are intended to initiate changes for peaceful coexistence in Europe and around the world. 

Results and Action Plans form the European Youth Forum Trogen 2019

The European Youth Forum Trogen 2019 ended with inspiring speeches and young adults ready to change something within their countries, schools and neighborhoods. Before leaving the EYFT19 each delegations committed themselves to implement one or more actions back home. Here you can find the results of each delegation.


After the EYFT the delegation from Croatia wanted to teach other students in their highschool more on topics like identity, media and borders. In the document you can read all about how they managed to do that. Or watch the video for a more visual experience. 


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Focussing on the environment, the delegation from France presented their resolutions to their school mates. They gave tips on how to use less ressources and implemented a vegetarian menu at the school. Furthermore they participated in the international climate strike. Learn more about it in the report.


After going back home, the delegation from Hungary presented what they had to learned to other interested students. With the help of a radio spot they encouraged their schoolmates to participate in next year's EYFT.


The delegation from Latvia wanted to encourage other students to build relationships, talking to people with other world views and seeing different perspectives. For that they organised a debate, personal spaces and a protest. Learn more about the action in the description or by clicking through the image gallery. 


Poland took action by focussing on their identity and the identity of their region and also by tackling environmental issues head on. Read more about it in the report.


The delegation from Russia divided their actions into four topics: Freedom, identity, media and mind borders. In the reports you learn more about how they implemented their ideas.


The Swiss delegation taught their classmates all about comfort zones and utopia. In the report they show their preparation for the workshops.


The Turkish delegation offered their classmates back home the choice of five workshops: Identity, Borders, Eurotopia, Media, Environment and Freedom. Each workshop had its own activities and debate topics. Read about it in the Action Plan report.


Back home the Ukrainian delegation offered a choice of three workshops to their classmates: Freedom and Security, Identity and Ecology and Getting to know each other. Furthermore they built a bicycle parking for all the students coming to the school by bike. Learn more about their actions by reading their reports.

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