Generous donation from People’s Viennaline

06.09.2016 - 08:44 | Maya Mathias

People’s Viennaline donates CHF 4,000 from its ‘You choose the price!’ campaign to the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation. The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation would like to thank them for this generous donation.

© People’s Viennaline

Since May this year, the regional airline People’s Viennaline has been running the unusual ‘You choose the price!’ campaign. Passengers decide for themselves what price to pay for the Altenrhein-Vienna route, with the aim of encouraging them to think about the value of a flight and to compensate the airline accordingly. Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation received 10% of the proceeds – a total that People’s Viennaline then rounded up to CHF 4,000.

Presentation at Altenrhein airport

Daniel Steffen, CEO of People’s Air Group, and Nina Oehler, Marketing & Product People’s Air Group, present the cheque to Urs Karl Egger, Executive Director Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, and Elke Christine Schatz, responsible for donation management Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, at Altenrhein airport.

«We are very grateful for this generous donation!»

Urs Karl Egger – Executive Director

Thank you very much, People’s Viennaline!

We’re very grateful for this generous donation. People’s Viennaline and the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation have a lot in common, says Urs Karl Egger, Executive Director: both are firmly rooted in Eastern Switzerland, and while the airline opens up Altenrhein to the world, the Foundation’s intercultural projects introduce children to new cultures.

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