Our mission

Our commitment to children in Switzerland and around the world

The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation works to support children and youths. The Children's Village in Switzerland is a venue for intercultural exchange that allows young people from different backgrounds to meet, thereby engendering an understanding of different cultures. In its work abroad, the Foundation makes it possible for disadvantaged children to have regular access to high quality education.

Projects around the world

In 2020, our projects supported 200 000 children, youths and adults across four continents. Discover projects run by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation around the world.


Education in Switzerland

The education projects in the Children’s Village create tolerance and mutual understanding.

Intercultural exchange

Child and youth radio

Further education courses


East Africa

Our qualified team of teaching staff provides school classes that brings the children ahead in life.



South-East Asia

We provide school classes in refugee camps in order to restore a semblance of normality to the children’s lives.



Central America

We help children turn away from violence thanks to education.



South-East Europe

Our education projects combat discrimination and increase tolerance. 


Education for disadvantaged children

Long-standing development cooperation

The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation has been involved in development cooperation for over three decades. Together with local partner organisations, we help disadvantaged children and youths exercise their right to a good education, thereby providing them with better opportunities for the future.

Projects have a lasting impact

The projects in the 12 countries are established on a long-term basis. The content and methods are integrated into the respective education system on a lasting basis. We involve teaching staff, authorities and parents from the project’s outset so that the local community can help to support the projects. A gradual increase in independent financing by local authorities and financial backers enables local people to continue the projects autonomously and independently after the nine-year period ends.

«We must all work together for the future of the children – Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation leads by example.»

Didier Burkhalter
Former Federal Council


Social encounters that promote peace

Inviting the world to the Children's Village

Everything seems to be changing more and more quickly. Globalisation is making our world smaller; foreign cultures are intermingling and borders are becoming increasingly insignificant. This leads to conflicts and fear. Many lack the ability to open up to strangers and enter into dialogue with one another. Encounters facilitate understanding. This is the aim of the cultural exchange projects organised at the Children’s Village.

Exchange at the Children’s Village

Our education projects enable more than 2000 children from diverse cultural backgrounds to explore topics such as anti-racism and the prevention of discrimination. Direct encounters encourage them to lose their prejudice. This teaches the children the principles of peaceful coexistence.

Our projects

Education projects in Switzerland and twelve countries around the world


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