Our projects have long-term effects

Sustainability is an important factor in the field of development cooperation. All of our projects are implemented in close cooperation with the local population. Only support from the local community can sustain the long-term success of a project.

Developing long-term effects

Building schools and distributing books only helps local communities to a limited extent. There is little point in providing new classrooms and teaching materials if there are not enough qualified teachers to actually teach the children. This is why development aid relies on the development of sustainable concepts.


Gradual withdrawal from projects

The development of a school programme in cooperation with the local community is just the start. Our projects are designed to be incorporated into their respective education systems after a period of nine years, after which further support is not required. Our financial contribution is gradually withdrawn over the years. Integrating these projects into the local educational system and enabling them to increasingly rely on local financing facilitates their long-term realisation.

«Continually evaluating our data allows us to regularly review our impact and optimise our projects accordingly.»

Tatiana Jaramillo
Policy and Evaluation Advisor International Programmes


16.03.2016 - 07:56

We’re recruiting new members

We are currently recruiting in Härkingen, Neuendorf and Oberbuchsiten.
26.06.2018 - 16:32

Successful workshop in Myanmar/Burma

Both the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation and the Ministry of Education are interested in our work


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