Damian (14)

from Tanzania
Damian's ambition is sky high. He wants to become a pilot no matter what, and is already working very hard towards this goal. His parents are farmers and rely on the help of Damian and his two siblings. Before and after school, the 14-year-old looks after animals out to pasture, helps with cooking, and sometimes works in the rice and maize fields. At school, he especially likes maths and geography. These are subjects that he will have to master as a trainee pilot.

«In the past, we had almost no books at school. I’m happy that this has changed.»

Damian, 14 – Pupil at Nyakanduha Primary School
To enable children such as Damian to realise their dreams, the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation produces books and teaching materials in Swahili and supplies these to the school libraries in Tanzania. “My favourite books to borrow are the ones about science. They're good for my career,” explains the determined young Damian with a wink, before running off with a borrowed book under his arm.