Education for fleeing children

Prospects for the future thanks to school education

Unaccompanied individuals, families with children, young people – all of them fleeing violence, conflict and the military. Instability continues to characterise the political situation in Myanmar/Burma, forcing the population to leave their villages. We make it possible for children in refugee camps to attend school so that they do not lose touch with education.

  • Challenge

    Thousands of families are fleeing

  • Measure

    Schooling and extra lessons for children in 12 refugee camps

  • Aim

    Children receive the education they need, giving them prospects for the future

Number of children supported


Project duration from 2013 to 2020


Refugee camps, Education, School materials, South-East Asia

Project activities

Since 2013, we have been able to steadily increase the number of children supported and the number of refugee camps in which we operate.


Over 100,000 people have fled their homes

In the provinces of Kachin and Shan in particular, conflicts continually occur between government troops and groups of armed rebels. More than 100,000 people have fled their homes since 2011 for fear of bombings, the army and rape. Large numbers of people have found temporary shelter in refugee camps in the north of the country.

We make it possible for children to attend local schools so that they can continue to receive an education despite being so far from home. With additional lessons in the evening, the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation works to ensure that children do not lose touch with education, thereby safeguarding their prospects for the future. In addition, the schools are equipped with additional teaching materials, chairs and desks.

«An organised school life enables children to forget some of the terrible things they experienced while fleeing.»

Swe Swe Myint
Country Representative of Myanmar/Burma

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