Jirakorn (11)

from Thailand
Jirakorn lives in the hilly northern region of Thailand in a small mountain village called Ban Luk Khuw Lam. She belongs to an indigenous minority whose culture retains strong links to nature and handicrafts. Skills such as looking for edible plants or producing traditional clothing are an essential part of the villagers’ livelihood. As this knowledge is not taught in schools, many parents do not send their children to school at all.

«I like the way my teachers teach us. We spend a lot of time outside and can make things with our hands.»

Jirakorn, 11 – Pupil in Baan Jabo
With our local partner organisations, we ensure that indigenous children like Jirakorn can learn everyday skills such as weaving baskets or fabric as part of the curriculum. Above all, Jirakorn is glad that she can experience her own culture during lessons. This is taught to the children not only by the official teachers, but also by the local population.