Caring for abused children

How Moldovan children receive help at school

Children who have been the victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse often do not attend school or attend on an irregular basis only. They do not receive special care at school either. Many children therefore have to repeat a year or end up leaving school prematurely.

  • Challenge

    Lack of support for abused children

  • Measure

    Educational and personal support

  • Aim

    Integration into the school's social life

Children supported


Project duration from 2015 to 2019


Anti-discrimination, Violence, Equality, Methods, Education, South-East Europe

Project activities

The project is currently at the pilot stage. 

Special educational support

Abused children frequently suffer from low self-esteem and are confronted with serious emotional challenges. In addition, they are often subject to discrimination and stigmatisation, which makes it even more difficult to attend school.

Individual support is needed

The children’s fragile living conditions mean they need special care. Individual support plans are therefore developed accordingly. In our projects, teaching staff trained in special education provide children with assistance during lessons.

Inclusion of parents and classmates

In addition to caring for the children, our staff raise awareness of the issue of abuse among classmates and their parents. This enables us to reverse the effects of discrimination and stigmatisation experienced by some children.

«Traumatised children need our support.»

Natalia Balta
Country Representative of Moldova

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Together, we supported 72 777 children in 2019.

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