Cultural exchange

What makes peaceful coexistence possible

In North Macedonia, the Albanian minority and the Macedonian majority continue to clash, which is increasingly leading the two groups to inhabit segregated worlds. Segregation even extends to schools. This hinders openness and acceptance towards other cultures.

  • Challenge

    Ethnic conflicts between Macedonians and Albanians

  • Measure

    Mixed school classes and shared leisure activities

  • Aim

    Greater tolerance between Macedonian and Albanian children



Project duration from 2012 to 2021


Anti-discrimination, Ethnic minorities, Interkultureller Austausch, South-East Europe

Project activities

Teachers at the project schools receive further training in intercultural awareness, thereby enabling them to adapt and improve their teaching methods.


Together at school and in leisure time

We seek to reverse this effect by bringing Macedonian and Albanian schoolchildren together in mixed classes at 18 primary schools. The children also spend their time together after school doing various leisure activities.

Raising teachers’ intercultural awareness

The teaching staff are also incorporated into the project. They receive intercultural training to learn how to deal with different cultures properly.

«Joint lessons for Macedonian and Albanian children help to eliminate these prejudices.»

Azbija Memedova 
Country Representative of North Macedonia

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