Jordan (12)

from Macedonia
Jordan is an eager young lad who likes to help his father in the garden. He speaks Macedonian with his father, putting him in a minority in his home city of Tetovo – where the majority of the population speaks Albanian. Conflict and discrimination still dominate interaction between the two ethnicities. This was clear in Jordan’s school as well, where teaching was strictly segregated along language lines and the Albanians and Macedonians did not mix. As a result, there was no exchange between the social groups.

«I have learned to be respectful of other people.»

Jordan, 12 – Pupil in Tetovo
The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation wants to put an end to this segregation. And in Jordan’s school, it has achieved this aim. There, the changes introduced included mixed classes and shared leisure activities. The 12-year-old boy’s circle of friends now includes children from a wide range of social groups. “The thing I love most is playing football and basketball with them,” Jordan explains. After all, on the sports pitch, everyone is equal and language is no longer an issue.