Nadja (14)

from Serbia
Nadja’s hobbies are art, music, dance and “repairing the world around me,” as she puts it. The young Serb is part of the Children’s rights education project and has already attended several workshops on the topic of child rights in her home city of Niš. She was fascinated from the outset: “I was inspired and motivated to speak up for child rights.”

«I like helping other people.»

Nadja, 14 – Pupil at Stefan Nemanja School
Nadja has also travelled to the Children's Village in Trogen. She particularly liked the fact that all of the common stereotypes are simply broken down at the village. She is passing on the knowledge she acquired through the project to her classmates directly. For her, this experience is the “first step in realising my dreams”. When she is older, she wants to work for a charitable organisation that will enable her to help children lead better lives.