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Your contribution to a more peaceful world

The world has changed since the Children's Village was built in Trogen in the aftermath of World War II. What remains is the will to create peace through international understanding. We must give children the skills they need to tackle racism and prejudice from an early age and show them how conflicts can be resolved without violence. As a member of the circle of friends, you will support our projects in Switzerland and 12 countries around the globe, making a valuable contribution to a more peaceful world.

Lasting help

Regular donations from members of the circle of friends allow us to implement educational projects and exchange projects on a secure basis. At the Pestalozzi Children's Village in Trogen, where more than 2 000 children from Switzerland and abroad meet each year. In 12 countries around the world, where our projects give children better prospects for the future through access to a good education.


«Let us build a world where children
can live.»

Walter Robert Corti – Visionary and founder of the Pestalozzi Children's Village

Benefits for you

As a member of the circle of friends, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Regular information about our projects and events
  • Free entry to our Visitors' Centre in Trogen
  • A 10% discount on all purchases in the online shop and in the shop at our Visitors' Centre as well as in our cafeteria

Our approach, then as now

We support disadvantaged children and their right to education and thus promote peaceful coexistence. If you would like to support this commitment, please join our circle of friends. As a member you help to maintain the following areas:

Intercultural exchange

Over 2000 children and young people travel to Trogen in Appenzell every year. They come from Switzerland or from various European countries. In workshops, the young people from different backgrounds get to know each other through play. Prejudices are soon replaced by mutual interest and appreciation.


The children's village has its own radio studio. Young people create their own specific programme on topics that have been discussed in advance. In this way they consolidate the insights they gained during the project week. The mobile radio bus visits school classes throughout Switzerland.

Preservation of the Children's Village

If the houses could tell... - over the decades they offered thousands of children a homely home for a longer or shorter time. In the meantime, the buildings have aged - their preservation and structural renovation require new investments.

Education projects worldwide

School education is a sustainable means against poverty and violence. Our foundation supports projects in Southeast Asia, East Africa, Southeast Europe and Central America. In the twelve project countries we reach over 200 000 children and young people every year.

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