Clothes donations

Old clothes finance projects

Old clothes are valuable. Place clothing you no longer need in collection containers or hand them in at a street collection organised by Solitex. Our projects receive much of the proceeds from these collections.

Successful cooperation

For many years, the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation has been cooperating with Tell Tex GmbH under the umbrella of Solitex. Tell Tex GmbH has specialised in the collection and recycling of used clothes throughout Switzerland. Collection containers are available for collecting clothes in around 3,000 municipalities. 

Used clothing supports small businesses

Demand for used garments remains very low in Switzerland. For this reason, donated clothes are sorted and, depending on their quality, exported. The textiles are exported to developing countries, forming the basis for a thriving second-hand trade that sustains small businesses and, in turn, creates valuable jobs.

A considerable proportion of the proceeds obtained from selling the clothes goes to the projects of the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in Trogen and around the world. Thanks to this cyclical system, your old clothes become a valuable form of support for our education projects.

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