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Facilitating access to school education

Cooperation with institutional sponsors is essential to the work of the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation. Pestalozzi Children's Village is a meeting place and a place of intercultural exchange. We have been committed to development cooperation across several continents and to education and child rights since 1983. Our long-standing institutional partners value our professional and responsible project work in Switzerland and 12 countries around the world.

An effective and sustainable approach

We will be happy to meet you in person to provide information on our work in Switzerland and 12 countries around the world. Together, we can improve the lives of many children and youths.


The projects of the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation are subject to the highest quality standards. Our staff have many years of experience in international development cooperation and the implementation of educationally supported exchange projects for large groups. Our work is regularly checked by external agencies.


When working abroad, the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation seeks to collaborate with local and international organisations wherever possible. In Switzerland, the Foundation contributes to the Swiss Network for Education and International Cooperation (RECI), the Child Rights Network Switzerland, and the Education Coalition NGO.


The projects of the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation are comprehensively documented on an ongoing basis. We offer our institutional partners transparent and reliable reporting and the certainty that funding is used effectively.

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«Many people support our work. I don't take that for granted. Thanks to them, we can work for the education of children and young people in Switzerland and around the world.»

Cécile Eisenring
Co-director private fundraising


«For many years, we have been supporting selected projects run by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in Serbia and North Macedonia.»

Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein



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