Legacies and bequests

Make a difference with your last will

A will is a great opportunity to make a final and lasting gesture of appreciation and it offers a chance to take a last stand and support values that are particularly important and close to your heart.

Giving children the gift of a future

It is common to include people who are close to you in your will. However, supporting a trusted organisation that campaigns for a cause you particularly believe in can also form a valuable part of your will. 

Do you want to make your commitment to children and education? If so, you may consider to include the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in your will. 

Indipendent advice

If you would like in-depth information about the many legal details around legacies and bequests, we recommend you seek advice from an independent professional. The websites of the Swiss Bar Association and the Swiss Notary Association may help you in your search. 


Helpful and practical advice and support about the many aspects to be considered when passing on becomes a topic may also be found via www.deinadieu.ch.


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