Legacies and bequests

Continuing to make a difference with your last will

The transience of one’s own existence is a difficult thing to comprehend. This is perhaps why many people neglect to write a will. However, a will offers an opportunity to make a final, lasting gesture of appreciation or thanks. It gives you the chance to highlight people and values that are particularly close to your heart.

Giving children the gift of a future

It is common to include people who are close to you in your will. However, supporting a trusted organisation that campaigns for a cause you particularly believe in can also form a valuable part of your will. 

Do you want to make your commitment to children and education count even after your death? If so, you can include the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in your will. This will enable you to give children the gift of a future through education and promote peaceful dialogue between cultures.


A legacy is an opportunity to make the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation a joint beneficiary alongside your other heirs. If you have no legally protected heirs, you may dispose of your entire estate as you see fit and name the Foundation as the sole beneficiary. 


You can also use a bequest to leave the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation a fixed amount, a share of your estate or certain tangible assets, such as real estate, securities, works of art or other valuables.


Independent advice

If you would like in-depth information about legacies and bequests, we recommend obtaining advice from an independent professional. If you have a complex financial or family situation, we highly recommend consulting an expert in order to prepare the will. The websites of the Swiss Bar Association and the Swiss Notary Association may help you in your search.


The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation is a member of the MyHappyEnd association, which encourages people living in Switzerland to donate part of their estate to charitable organisations. The association offers guidance for anyone who wishes to include charitable organisations in their estate. The MyHappyEnd website provides a Will checker for calculating legally protected shares and divisible portions.

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