Memorial donation

Instead of flowers or wreaths

A memorial donation to the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation can be used to bring hope long after death. By donating to our education projects, the bereaved can support young people and give them the gift of a future.

How to donate in the event of bereavement

In the obituary, specify an account for donations along with a unique keyword, such as the name of the deceased, as the payment reference for the transfer. This is the only way we can allocate the donations accurately. 

Please send us the name of the deceased, the date and address of the funeral service, the chosen keyword, and the letter of condolence. You can also send us a copy of the obituary. 

Our sincere thanks

We thank every donor personally for their donation. The family of the deceased receives a list of people who have sent a donation to mark the bereavement. 

Donation service



Your donation is guaranteed to count