Nothing brings more happiness than helping others

Happiness multiplies when you share it. Let others share in your happiness. You can pass on a small slice of happiness through small collection drives such as sponsored runs, book sales or birthday parties and giving a donation to support the projects of the Pestalozzi Children's Foundation.

Then as now


Living tradition

Donations have a long tradition for the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation: in the founding year of 1946, committed institutions, private individuals and municipalities made it possible for the Children's Village to be built and to breathe life into the vision of Walter Robert Corti.

Donating can be more than just giving money

In addition to donations in kind and in the form of money, more than 800 volunteers from everywhere in Europe helped to build the village that was meant to be a refuge for the orphans of the Second World War. These volunteers invested their strength, their passion and their time to help children in need. The young people of Switzerland also became involved and collected money for the village of suffering children with theatre performances, bazaars, roller-skating performances and many other creative ideas.

Today, the children and young people who are privileged to benefit from our projects are given the opportunity to enjoy quality education or to visit the Children's Village for a practical experience of international understanding. This is only made possible by people like you.

Giving joy makes us happy

To give joy to someone is often a better feeling than being surprised by a friendly gesture yourself. Try it for yourself and give your creativity free rein. Children are the future of this world. Support the children in the projects of the Pestalozzi Children's Foundation and help make the world a more peaceful place.

Others have shared their happines

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What to do

We will support your efforts by sending you payment slips or a donation box for your personal collection drive. A keyword added to the «Purpose of payment» field of the payment slip – e.g. «Conrad’s 50th birthday» – and a short message to us will help us to allocate the collection drive. If you would like us to do so, we will be happy to mention your commitment on our website and on social media.
«Your commitment creates extraordinary education opportunities for children all-over the world. Thanks!»

Carolin Hofmann
Donor Relations Officer

+41 71 343 73 59



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