Intercultural exchange

Understanding through encounters

The media report on ethnic conflicts, social tension and war every day. Many people distance themselves from the unknown due to fear. But there are alternatives: the Pestalozzi Children’s Village gives children an opportunity to engage with a range of complex topics – racism, discrimination, their own behaviour – in an international environment.

Children in intercultural exchanges

The Children’s Village is a place for children to gather valuable experiences in the context of intercultural exchange projects. The direct encounter between children from Switzerland and South-East Europe is a key aspect of the concept. Dialogue with children of the same age help them to overcome prejudice in favour of mutual understanding.

Relevant topics

Joint courses, sports events, games, discussion and role play are used as the basis for participating children to engage with important topics such as discrimination, anti-racism, civil courage and child rights. They learn to approach foreign cultures in an appropriate way and become more open-minded and interested as a result.

Each year, more than 3,000 children participate in exchange projects. The projects teach them the foundations of peaceful coexistence with one another – just as Walter Robert Corti, founder of the Children’s Village, intended.

«The exchange showed me that all children are similar, even though we grow up in different countries and speak different languages.»

Bojana, 17
Užice, Serbia

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«Our education programmes are aimed at today’s multicultural society in Switzerland.»

Damian Zimmermann
Director of Programme Switzerland
Member of the Management Board

«The exchange teaches youths the norms and values of other cultures.»

Susan Schellknecht
Head of Intercultural Exchange Projects



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