Your contribution counts - especially in times like these

Your donation will allow children in East Africa to go to school, youths in Central America to escape violence, and Swiss schoolchildren to eliminate their prejudices about children from outside the country - usually. In the current extremely challenging time of the Corona pandemic, a state of emergency prevails around the globe. This also applies to our projects. Thanks to your help, we are currently adapting our educational projects to the needs of our project countries during the corona crisis.

The current situation calls for both increased cooperation with ministries and a well thought-out coordination of pandemic measures - tailored to the needs of each country. In addition to the primary protection of the population against the virus, financial support and protection of disadvantaged families and schools in the severely affected areas is needed in the area of education. In addition, even more flexibility and creativity is required in the design of lessons and the procurement of materials. 

Together with our partner organizations and a large number of dedicated employees worldwide, we continue to pursue our mission. Through numerous educational projects, we are creating better conditions to help children and young people to attend school regularly, safely and to a high standard - in a needs-oriented and sustainable manner.

In our project countries, this currently means concretely:

  • Technical and professional support for the implementation of distance learning (creation of teaching materials, teacher training, organising laptops and tablets for children and young people, sending school materials by post, etc.)
  • Coordination of psycho-pedagogical support services at regional level - for children, parents and teachers
  • Design & implementation of leisure activities such as cooking, fashion shows or creative competitions
  • Active educational work about the corona situation even in remote areas (radio, television, loudspeaker announcements, ...)
  • Supporting people in need by providing packaged food in coordination with the government and local wealthy individuals
  • Intensified hygiene and awareness measures
  • Support in coordinating pandemic measures such as the distribution of face masks etc. to children, young people, teachers and communities

You too can set an example of greater solidarity and helpfulness towards the weakest members of our society and support our work for children and young people worldwide with a donation.

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16.09.2021 - 08:16

We are recruiting new members

We are currently recruiting in following towns and cities:
Fribourg, Morges, Yverdon-les-Bains, Genève, Vevey, Lausanne, Onex, Bassins, Burtigny, Le Vaud, Longirod, Marchissy, Saint-George.


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