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Pestalozzi Children's Village prepares to welcome refugees

The situation in Ukraine is getting worse day by day. The conflict poses a grave danger, especial-ly to the civilian population. The Pestalozzi Children's Foundation (PCF) is stepping up its sup-port on the ground and is preparing to take in refugees at the Children's Village.

Culture shock leaves a desire for more

At first she is overwhelmed, and then she does not want to go home. Yllza visited the Summer Camp at the Children’s Village in 2017 and spent two weeks there that changed her life. Three years later, the 19-year-old returned to Trogen as a minder of a group. 

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Recognition for Burmese monastic school

The director of the Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education High School has received an award. Together with its partner organisation, the Foundation has trained teachers at five different schools.
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Hope for a better future

Yeldis and Shania attend classes, but their school has neither wall nor roof.

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