Kinder-Justizia auf Reisen
Around the children's village

Kinder-Justizia - Heroine of children's rights

From February to the end of October, the Forum Schweizer Geschichte Schwyz is showing the exhibition "Working Children", which looks at the various aspects of children's work in the 19th and 20th centuries. Our child Justice is part of the exhibition and stands as a heroine for children's rights in Switzerland.

With its current exhibition "Working Children", the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz shows the different aspects of child labour in Switzerland that were still part of everyday life in the 19th and 20th centuries. It shows in an exciting way that herding cattle, lace-making and dangerous work in the textile industry were the norm for children back then. Attending school was unthinkable for many children. It was only with the introduction of compulsory education (1874) and the Factory Act (1877) that schooling became a basic right. Children's rights are symbolised by our Children's Justice, who is heroically enthroned on a pedestal at the end of the exhibition and attracted a great deal of interest. She stands as a liberator and as a promise for a better future for children. In the exhibition, Children's Justice is complemented by voices that were already speaking out in favour of children's rights at the time. The exhibition at the Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz will run until 27 October 2024.

Justizia im Forum Schweizer Geschichte in Schwyz
Die Kinder-Justizia thront am Ende der Ausstellung als Heldin auf dem Podest.