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Successful Handover of our Project in Tanzania

One of our education projects in Tanzania has been successfully handed over to the government. This ensures that the project, which ran from 2015 to 2023, will have a lasting impact on education in the country.

We launched the project "Improved quality of education in 20 project schools in the city and district of Geita" in 2015 together with the local partner organisation NELICO (New Light Children Center Organization). The project officially came to an end in 2023. However, the Tanzanian government recognised the benefits and value of the project. After all, it made a significant contribution to improving the learning and teaching environment in the region by providing the necessary materials and resources. In addition, numerous teachers and school management staff were trained, and parents and community members were informed about gender equality. The government has now taken over the project in order to continue these interventions in the long term.

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This is what the NELICO project has achieved over the last nine years:

  • Training for 40 teachers in counselling and mentoring to support children with school-related problems
  • Further training for 189 school management members in leadership and management
  • Training for 110 mentor teachers
  • Workshops on gender equality for 323 parents and community members
  • Renovation of six libraries
  • Construction of toilets, provision of water tanks
  • Renovation of classrooms
  • Provision of laptops