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On the books, get set, go!

Alison lives in Los Naranjes, a remote community in El Salvador. In her school, teaching takes place in a multi-class system, but the teaching staff lack the necessary pedagogical training. Thanks to the support of dedicated teachers, the children are particularly encouraged to read.

Alison normally walks the 20-minute walk to school alone. But on some days, such as the first day of school after the summer holidays, her mother accompanies the nine-year-old. Reading is on the schedule today. After reading together in class, the children run off to the study corner. Here Alison can choose a book and read it herself. If she likes the book, she can take it home after class.

In order to improve the reading and mathematics skills of the schoolchildren in the Chalatenango department, the Pestalozzi Children's Foundation and the local partner organization have set up learning corners in the schools. Here the children will find books for all reading levels and numerous games to practice arithmetic and logical thinking. The learning corners are equipped with printers so that the teachers can print out the learning material.

The Pestalozzi Children's Foundation attaches great importance not only to providing the schools with appropriate equipment, but also to promoting the further training of teachers and headmasters. In addition, we develop educational strategies to promote the children's reading comprehension and logical thinking. Another focus of our project is to support schools in strengthening student committees and student councils with a gender-specific approach. We pay special attention to improving multi-class teaching, since due to the remote location of the communities in Chalatenango, most schools do not have enough children and teachers per level.

After school, Alison packs her book in her satchel and goes home. Homework is now due. Her father set up a corner with a table and chair especially for his daughter in the dining room. “But I always did my homework quickly. They're not that difficult," says the third grader. She doesn't know yet whether she'll be able to read her book again this evening. Because now the first thing to do is play. She says goodbye to her parents and hurries to her neighbor and friend Gimena. Alison, Gimena and Gimena's sister are playing hide and seek.