Kinder am Winterzauber
Around the children's village

Enchanted children's village

Thick flakes fall from the sky. Just in time for the opening of the Winter Wonderland, Mother Hulda shakes out her pillows over the children's village. The village is a hive of activity. Thickly wrapped up and with bobsleighs in hand, the first children and families make their way to the school playground. Familiar sounds emanate from the speakers of the radio bus - the Christmas playlist is playing at full blast. A red hat disappears behind the bus. Was that Father Christmas?

Marronistand am Winterzauber
Noch lässt sich der Samichlaus nicht blicken. Dafür leuchten die roten Mützen der Mitarbeitenden.

No, not at all. It's the hard-working staff of the Pestalozzi Children's Village, wearing their red caps, serving mulled wine and wiping the raclette off the block. But then. Father Christmas appears in the snow flurries. He has some delicious treats in his luggage. He had to leave the Schmutzli and the donkey at home in this weather. The children proudly recite their sayings and nibble on the delicious sweets and chocolate. Nut shells crack as the scent of wax fills the air. The children give free rein to their creativity as they make candles and pull real works of art out of the wax pot.

Samichlaus am Winterzauber
Voller stolz tragen die Kinder ihren Spruch dem Samichlaus vor.

The village in a different light

blue hour settles over Trogen. Pretty lanterns light up the roadsides. The snow flurries have now subsided. A magical atmosphere spreads through the village. Around 50 lanterns are lit. The path of lights, which winds its way through the entire village, makes the historic town seem sublime and cosy.

Laterne am Winterzauber
Die Laternen bringen Magie ins Kinderdorf.

On all four evenings of Winter Magic, the trail of lights brings this atmosphere to the village. Mother Hulda doesn't shake out her pillows on the other days and gives way to the rain. Despite the less than ideal weather, many visitors find their way through the village. Cold fingers find some warmth at the fire bowl and sausages and marshmallows find their barbecue spot. "Despite the changeable weather, the atmosphere was wonderful," says Linda Forster, project manager, adding: "The trail of lights perfectly emphasised the cosy atmosphere of the children's village."

Cambodia and the Netherlands in Trogen

Thursday evening, the Andachtshaus was transformed into a cinema. The documentary film "Familyless" tells the exciting story of Thun Chay and impresses the audience. Angela Spörri, director of the film, welcomes the visitors personally and is delighted to be back in the village. Snuggled up in warm blankets, the visitors immerse themselves in the life of Thun, who found a new home in the Pestalozzi Children's Village.

Max Berend am Winterzauber
Erwärmt mit seiner Stimme das Herz - Max Berend.

Max Berend and his band will warm hearts and feet on Friday evening. The Dutch-Swiss songwriter is able to inspire the audience with his soft sounds. The band fills the cosy stage in their own Christmas truck with grandiose sounds that can be heard throughout the children's village. The songs to dance along to make the concert-goers forget the grubby weather.

Konzert Max Berend und Band
Trotz garstigen Wetters begeistern Max Berend und Band mit ihren Klängen.

At the traditional Trogen Advent market, the Pestalozzi Children's Village sells homemade biscuits, provides information about the foundation's work and delights visitors with delicious momos. Before the path of lights in the village lights up for the last time this year.