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Around the children's village

When the school building becomes a ballroom

Due to the severe weather warnings, the Charity Tavolata took place this time in the school building in the Pestalozzi Children's Village. Despite heavy rain in the village, the mood was high and the guests enjoyed fantastic vegetarian dishes made from surplus groceries.

In the school building of the Pestalozzi Children's Village, the tables are arranged as long boards for once. Neatly set and arranged with wild flowers from the region. The wall panels are adorned with sayings from various personalities, such as Walter Robert Corti: "Nothing should stand in the way of aa child's will and giving them a good upbringing." There is a scent of freshly baked bread in the air. Everything is ready. The guests of the second Charity Tavolata are slowly arriving in the children's village. Ready to go. For education. Against food waste.

The uncertain weather conditions mean that the aperitif can take place in the open air. The aperitifs already offer explosions of taste. For example, the vegetable salad à la Pestalozzi with asparagus and strawberries. Innovative, vegetarian creations for the evening conjure up Marco Kölbener, world champion chef 2022 and chef de partie of the Hotel Hofweissbad, Mirko Burri, food waste pioneer and founder of Foodoo, Fabian Devos, creative chef and head of gastronomy and catering at the Dreischiibe Foundation and Hans Inauen , head chef at the Pestalozzi Children's Village. Only surplus food is used for cooking. This is used to make, among other things, a summer lasagna or a saffron-lemon biscuit.

The guests chat animatedly in the different rooms and try their luck in the charity raffle. The proceeds from the raffle benefit the SHIPO project in Tanzania. Julie Fox will provide the musical framework for the evening. With her band, she absorbs the spirit of the school building and sings a cappella in every classroom. Outside, wind and rain are sweeping through the children's village. There was one thing that wasn't available at the Charity Tavolata: Leftovers!

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