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Around the children's village

Our annual report 2023

The current magazine not only contains exciting stories from all our project regions, you will also find facts and figures about our year 2023.

“Learning with minds, hearts and hands” is the guiding principle devised by our namesake Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. In 2023, we continued to work with our minds, hearts and hands to ensure that 239,167 children in 13 countries around the world have access to high-quality education. 

In Switzerland, we focussed on cross-cultural dialogue and media education – from our Children’s Village in Trogen, where numerous project weeks were once again held last year, through the whole of German-speaking Switzerland to Zurich, where our children’s aspirations for the future will soon take root.

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Internationally, our focus was once again on strengthening the entire environment surrounding children and young people. In the course of our work we reached a wide range of people – from parents and community members to teachers, school administrators and the children themselves. Each of these people has their own unique life. Andi from North Macedonia, Ana from Guatemala, Marnela from Mozambique and Taetah from Myanmar are representative of countless lives that are touched by our work. Their stories illustrate how education shapes and changes lives. How our support – whether it is as simple as providing a pencil or as complex as cross-cultural teaching – makes an impact.

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In this annual report, we will show you not only what we achieved in 2023, but also how our organisation is positioned financially. We were able to respond well to the international education crisis, but this is reflected in additional expenditure. The continuation of some activities for refugees in the Children’s Village increased the contributions coming in from the government. Overall, the financial year ended well and the Foundation’s financial standing looks good in the long term. 

With Pestalozzi’s philosophy behind us, we are moving into the future with strength and motivation. Ready to
inspire even more minds, reach more hearts and set more hands in motion. And this is also the motto of our next highlight event in the Children’s Village: With minds, hearts and hands. Are you with us?